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140 years in the Community

 During this years, September 30th CROP Walk,  we had 8 of our members participate in the walk. They each raised money that will go towards local food pantries as well as food distribution programs all over the world!

On August 8th 31 VBS Kids and Adults helped at Feed my Starving Children to pack bags of food to ship to needy children around the world. We packed 58 cases of food in an hour!

In June we were visited by Happy Life mission. Happy Life is an organization to help orphans in Africa. They are in the process of o building a well for the community. We will be using the donations collected in the "Noisy Offering" and VBS to send a contribution towards their efforts.

On April 21, several members of our congregation participated in "30 minute makeover" sponsored by the   Maywood Village Environmental Beautification commission. They spent several hours in the community picking up litter and debris.

On April 23rd member Karen Skinner handed out free books as part of 
"World Book Night" These were brand new best sellers! 

Once again members wrote cards to our service personnel during the season of Lent. We are so appreciative of the work that our service men and women do!

We are grateful of the outreach we can do to help and share the love Jesus showed to us.   

Please join us in 2012!

Hello! We welcome you to our Internet presence. We’re glad you came to visit!


We, the First Congregational Church of Maywood; bound only by the leadership of Christ, worship together and study together to learn God's will. As followers of Christ Jesus and believers in God's Holy Word, we live our faith in ways seen and unseen and bring families and neighbors together in a spirit of warmth and welcoming fellowship, that we may know God more and make Him known in our community and the world.


Life here at First Congregational, centers on Sunday worship. We are a community of saints (believers of Christ), gathered about Christ – a mutual promise we make one to another. Spending time together in the Holy presence of God; listening to His Word, recalling God’s grace made manifest in our lives and His faithfulness toward generations past; all characterize our weekly meeting.


We share the sacrament of Holy Communion on the first Sunday of the month, remembering how Christ used the simple elements of bread and wine to leave with us a sign, recurring and enduring, of His love for His children.


Bottom line: we are a family of faith. Family and community are very important here at First. To that end, we provide opportunities for neighbors to get together and for families to come together; young and old, working, playing and praying together; committed to loving the Lord and one another.





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